Darren Perkins

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My Uncle collected 6 of your gentlefolk pieces and I've always loved him. Sadly he passed away recently and I inherited the pieces.i SO enjoy them everyday as they sit in a place of prominence on my mantle. Thank you so much for these whimsical creatures. Hope this finds you well. Cheers! Erica
Erica - 23 May 2018
Sorry to hear that you don't make the gentlefolk any longer. I have collected quite a few over the years, they were a joy to receive a new one every Christmas and birthday from my husband. I just love them the details are amazing.
Sally - 30 Dec 2016
Lucky me, I spotted this little clay wizard telling me I should take him home. I picked him up, had a lively conversation in my head, and just couldn't put him back on the Goodwill shelf that I found him on. So decades after he was crafted he has settled himself in my garden. (sorry Donna) Nevermore to roam unless it's late at night and Im not looking. :)
Michele Donnelly - 24 Jul 2014
I have and still admire a "Gentel Folk" gentleman, too bad I can't find another to keep him "company"
Donna Gass - 5 Sep 2013
I love your White Rock series, I have worked on Marine Dr. for over twenty years, you have really captured the spirit, the unique feel of the waterfront.What ever happened to windridge house ? I was lucky enough to aquire a few gentlefolk over the years, but could never find them again. I would be delighted to hear that somehow there were some of the gentlefolk pieces still available somehow. They are one of the few pieces of clay art that I have seen over the years to capture the "anima" of the clay itself. Anyway, great work, take care.
Alexander Schopf - 28 May 2011
Hope all is well. Copies of your paintings, Cathedral Grove Forest and Cascading light at Tamahi River, hang in our dining room and last night our good friends were admiring them. They told me of your website.
Trish Learn - 15 Nov 2009
came across a piece of sculpture then a few weeks later another so here i am.very impressed with the detail and now that i see your paintings i'm hooked great work!!!!!
kevin murray - 2 Nov 2009
Darren, these are beautiful.
Debra Shogan - 9 Oct 2009
Great work Dareen,
Mansoor - 14 Dec 2008
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